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Ik multimedia irig midi 2

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Ik multimedia irig midi 2
Produttore: Ik Multimedia
  • Ik multimedia irig midi 2

    Universal MIDI interface for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac/PC Introducing iRig MIDI 2, the first Lightning/USB compatible mobile MIDI interface that works with all generations of iOS devices as well as Mac and PC. It features everything you loved about iRig MIDI but with even greater pocketability, connectivity and control. Simply put, it's the perfect MIDI solution for the musician on the move. Compatibility is key As we've said, iRig MIDI 2 is the first portable MIDI interface that’s compatible with Apple's Lightning cable. This, however, does not come at the expense of universal support. At the center of iRig MIDI 2 is its detachable Mini-DIN connector, which lets you attach a Lightning (included), USB (included) or 30-pin cable (sold separately) depending on the mobile device or computer that you'd like to use. Now you have the flexibility to use MIDI with whatever device you want, anytime, and anywhere. It’s all about the connections iRig MIDI 2 is small, but it can be made even smaller when all of its cables are detached. Because of its Mini-DIN connector, you can remove all cables for extreme portability: Now you have something that you can easily carry with you in your pocket to any gig, performance, studio or jam session. In addition, all iRig MIDI 2 cables are bumper friendly, which means you can connect and start jamming without having to remove your mobile device's protective carrying case. Mobile MIDI like never before Like iRig MIDI before it, iRig MIDI 2 features three MIDI ports: IN, OUT and THRU. But this time around the ports are standard-sized and require no adaptor or special cable to use — in fact, you can use any standard MIDI cable you'd like. These ports give you all the control and connectivity that MIDI allows: Use the IN port to use external keyboards and controllers to play your favorite software sound modules and synthesizers. Use the OUT port to control external hardware or synthesizers from your mobile device or computer. And you can use the THRU port to send MIDI data to multiple instruments at once. Monitoring MIDI data with iRig MIDI 2 is easy, it comes with two LEDs that give you an at-a-glance readout of the note data as it passes through the IN and OUT ports. A whole suite of apps With iRig MIDI 2, you get more than just a supremely portable MIDI interface; you also get a full suite of music creation apps. As soon as you open the box you'll be ready to go. iOS users get two of IK’s most popular mobile apps: SampleTank FREE is a sound and groove workstation filled with hundreds of high-quality instruments and patterns. iGrand Piano FREE is a concert-quality piano app that puts world-class piano sounds at your fingertips. And Mac and PC users can enjoy the full creative power of SampleTank 3 SE, a free version of IK’s next generation SampleTank 3 desktop sound workstation. Beyond all that’s included, iRig MIDI 2 works with all MIDI-compatible Mac and PC software as well as the entire spectrum of Core MIDI apps for iOS such as GarageBand, Cubasis, Beat Maker 2, Auria and many more. Features Universal MIDI interface for Lightning iOS devices as well as all prior generations of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch plus Mac and PC Ultra-portable, pocket-sized form factor that you can take with you anywhere Detachable bumper-friendly cables for seamless, universal connectivity Lighting connector and USB cable included, 30-pin cable available separately Standard-sized MIDI IN, OUT and THRU ports MIDI IN/OUT LED indicators for at-a-glance monitoring of MIDI data transmission Draws power from host device instead of a bulky power adaptor Comes with a powerful suite of music creation apps SampleTank Free, iGrand Piano FREE and SampleTank 3 SE Elegant and durable rubberized enclosure Designed and made in Modena, Italy

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